Types of Paintball Games

paintballing squad at the field preparing to play

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Paintball is a much more versatile and creative sport than many people give it credit for. You might think that paintball wouldn’t have too many variations if you’ve never played it before, but that would be totally wrong. There are various types of paintball games that you can play. Keep reading to learn about some of the most popular paintball games that people choose to play.


Elimination is the classic type of team-based paintball game that people play all the time. Two teams with even numbers will face off against each other. When someone is hit by a paintball, they are eliminated from the game. Once one team has been completely eliminated, the team that still has active players will be declared the winners. Sometimes people make variations on these standard rules, though. For example, there are people who give each player two lives. This means that a player might be allowed to re-enter the game after a certain amount of time has passed. This player will need to wipe the paint off from the original shot and wait until they’re allowed to re-enter the game.

Elimination Free-for-All

Elimination free-for-all is basically the same as the game mentioned above. The difference is that the team element has been taken away and that it is now every person for themselves. This is a game where only the last person standing will be declared the victor. When you get shot by a paintball, you’re eliminated until the current free-for-all match is over.

Capture the Flag

Capture the flag is a special type of paintball game that involves two teams fighting it out. Each team will have a flag that they need to protect, but you’ll also need to go try to get the enemy flag from their base. The objective is to grab the enemy flag and bring it all the way back to your place. You can win capture the flag by eliminating every member of the opposing team as well.

Escort the VIP

Escort the VIP is a type of special paintball game that some people choose to play with friends. This game involves having one person designated as the VIP, and one team will be assigned the task of escorting the VIP to a specific marked area on the map. The enemy team will have to try to eliminate this VIP before they get to the “extraction zone” that is marked on the map. This one can be a lot of fun, and it certainly has a different vibe than the other types of games mentioned so far.

Other Special Objective Games

Other special objective games can be created as well, and it really just depends on how creative you want to get with the other players. Many paintball enthusiasts will come up with their own custom paintball games that are based on military missions or video game missions. This can inspire them to come up with fun paintball variations that can lead to satisfying games for everyone involved. Creativity and outside-the-box thinking are very much encouraged in paintball.